Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mystery illeness at Le Roy high school, New York

Erin Brockovich is an American legal clerk and environmental activist. She was born June 22. 1960. In 2000 Julia Robert played Erin in a movie, where she was solving the biggest case in America against Pacific gas and electric company (PG&E), in California.
Recently she is trying to solve a case in New York, concerning at Le Roy High School. 15 students has experienced a sudden mysterious tic-like illness. The symptoms include outbursts, shaking and tics, like eye-blinking, head-jerking, eye-darting, shoulder-shrugging and yelling or throat-clearing.
The school district superintendent says that they think they have been exhibiting neurological symptoms. Brockovich thinks that the illness is caused by something environmental, and thinks that it might have something to do with the toxic chemical spill that occurred near the school 40 years ago, thereby contaminating the water and ground.  
Erin Brockovich said to USA Today "when I read reports like this that the New York department of health and state agencies were well-aware of the spill and you don't do water testing or vapor extraction tests, you don't have an all-clear."
Le Roy High School, New York
We feel sorry for the teenagers who are experiencing this mysterious, tragic illness. It's weird how the illness has affected 14 girls and only one boy. It shocks us that they have not taken any tests of the ground after the spill, even though they see how the spill might have been the reason for their suffering. And we think that they don't do enough about the case, and don't do enough to help the affected people. It's outrages that they can't find the reason their ill.  
We also think is strange how people think that they are faking it. If they are acting, what is it in it for them? We don't think that they are faking it because it has developed into such a big case.

Here is a video that says that they have found a cause, but they can't tell people because of a privacy policy:

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  1. It is a strange incident and a horrible thing to happen to young students. I wonder if we will ever know what really happened here and if the symptoms will vanish in time?