Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lamb to the slaughter

Roald Dahl's "lamb to the slaughter" is short story about Mary Maloney, who kills her husband with a lamb.

a picture from Hitchcock's movie
Here are some questions that I want to answer

  • what had the husband said to his wife, before she killed him?

I'm really wondering about what made her so upset that she actually killed him. The first thing that came to my mind when I read it, was that he had had an affair. And we also watched an film of Hitchcock's interpretation, and apparently he had thought of the same thing as me. Anyway, he said something that really upset her, and made her so mad or scared that she killed him. But could it be something  else that Roald Dahl thought of when he wrote it? Maybe he just didn't love her anymore, or that he didn't want to be a father.

  • what happened to the little bloodstain that they found on his head?

This really didn't make sense to me at all. Wouldn't they find that out that the blood wasn't his, but that it actually belonged to a lamb? I mean, i does seem quite odd. And when they had found out that is was blood from a lamb, wouldn't they realised that that lamb was in fact the lamb that they had eaten? It just doesn't add up for me.

  • Did it seem like Mary Maloney had a well-thought plan when she first knocked out her husband?

No, not at all. I think she just made it up as she went. I don't think she had planned to feed the policemen the lamb when she hit her husband with it. And she was actually just lucky  that the policemen accepted the offer. What if they had said no thanks? Then no one would have eaten it, and maybe they would have figured out. An that's not the only thing she was lucky with. What it the grocery man noticed that something was wrong? Or what if someone knocked on the door before she left, and foundt the body? So I don't think that she hade planned anything before right before she was doing it, but that doesn't mean it wasn't smart done.

 I really like this short story. I have read it before, but i still enjoyed it. It's just something about the policemen, who tries to figure out what has happened, eating the murder weapon that I find funny every time.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Living in Norway

Living in Norway is like living in an igloo. It's always cold, and you have to eat fish all the time. You also have to wear a lot of clothes, or else you'll die.
File:Flag of Norway.svg
photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Norway.svg
Besides that Norway is a very nice country to live in. We have good schools and teachers. Everyone in Norway speaks Norwegian and English, and we also understand Swedish and Danish, but they don't understand us as good as we understand them.
In Norway we have a democracy. We have elections every 4 years, where we choose our government. Currently Jens Stoltenberg is the Prime minister.  We also have a king and Queen, but they really don't have any power.
Norway is a very small and anonymous country, that few has heard of, or know anything about. So i want to clear something up; polar bears don't walk around in the streets, we don't wear Viking hats or live in the forests. Well, some do, but not the majority.
In 2010, Norway topped the united Nation's global list of the best country to live in for the eight year running (according to this article). We are one of the countries with very high human development, along with Australia, New Zealand, USA and Ireland etc. Norway has a good economy because of the long coastline that wraps around the country, which gives us access to oil and fish.  
My opinion is that Norway is one of the most boring countries ever, and when i get older, i really want to move away to somewhere warm.