Sunday, 23 October 2011

Gran Torino

The movie Gran Torino is about a old, a bit racist man who lives in a neighbourhood where there is a lot of Hmong people. The Hmong people is a hill people who comes from Thailand, China and Laos. He always calls them names, and act really mean around them, but throughout the movie, he changes a lot, and we can see that he goes from being a man that hates everyone, to a man who actually has friends. I think Walt understands that the Hmong people actually are very nice persons, who just want to help him. A weird friendship with Sue and Thao, who lives next door, evolves.


The most precious thing that Walt has, is his Gran Torino, which is a old car in mint condition. The car means everything to him, and it is the only thing that he cares about.  His relationship to his family is really bad, and his neighbours know him better then his own son does. Towards the end of the movie, Walt offers Thao (the Hmong boy next door), to use his car to take out a girl. This is a really big thing for Walt, since he loves his car so much. Thao understands this, and their friendships becomes even stronger after this.

Trough the entire movie, there is a gang how is messing with the neighbourhood, and they are trying to make Thao join them. At the end of the movie Walt does something that changes a lot. He scarifies his own life, so that Sue and Thao, and the rest of the neighbourhood won't be bothered  by the gang anymore. This is because that he believes that he has nothing to lose. The only thing he loves is his car and his dog. And he knows that The car is taken care of by Thao, and so is the dog. And this is a very big deal, because he chooses to help others, people that he hated before, by putting him self in danger, so that the gang will be locked up, and no longer be a treat to Sue and Thao.


  1. This was a very good blogpost! I really think you have found and focused on the main theme; the relationship between Thao and Walt!! Good!! What you could have done better, is maybe to write more about the Hmong family..
    However I enjoyed reading this blogpost!! :) :)

  2. IT is a cool blog post, and it is simple and short and sums up the movie well. I liked the part about the gran torino becuase he really did dig his car. =) keep up the good work

  3. You are writing very well, and it is nice that you focus on only one theme of the movie. The blogpost is easy to read and understand, and I liked it a lot. You did a good job!

  4. I very much liked the way you described how Thao is taking care of his car and dog, I didn't think of that before I read this blog post! I also like that you wrote a short post, but that it still sums up the movie in a good way. Great job

  5. Your blogpost is really good! I like the way you've written it in a simple, but understandable way. Good job! :)